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COUNTY OF NEWELL <br />IN THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA <br />BYLAW NO. 1720 -11 <br />A BYLAW OF THE COUNTY OF NEWELL IN THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA, TO PROVIDE FOR THE <br />REGULATION AND CONTROL OF ANIMALS WITHIN THE COUNTY. <br />WHEREAS Sections 7, 8, and 9 of the Municipal Government Act. R.S.A. 2000 c. M -26 provides that Council may <br />pass bylaws for the safety, health welfare of people and the protection of people and property; <br />AND WHEREAS the Council of the County of Newell deems it necessary to regulate and control animals that may <br />create a nuisance; <br />NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the County of Newell in Council duly assembled enacts as follows: <br />1. Title <br />1.1 This Bylaw may be cited as "The Animal Control BylaW'. <br />2. Provincial Legislation <br />2.1 This Animal Control Bylaw is reinforced by Provincial legislation applicable to the care and maintenance <br />of animals and livestock, and should be made use of in the enforcement of this Bylaw. <br />2.2 The applicable legislation includes the following: <br />2.2.1 Animal Protection Act RSA 2000 chapter A -41 <br />2.2.2 Stray Animals Act RSA 2000 chapter S -20 <br />2.2.3 Dangerous Dogs Act RSA 2000 chapter D -3 <br />2.2.4 Agricultural Operation Practices Act and Regulations <br />3. Exemptions from the Bylaw <br />3.1 The restrictions outlined in this bylaw shall not apply to the following: <br />3.1.1 a parcel or premises that is operated by a licensed veterinarian, with a valid <br />Development Permit to operate; <br />3.1.2 a parcel or premises that is operated as a kennel by an owner with, a valid <br />Development Permit to operate; <br />3.1.3 licensed Guide Dogs, police dogs, or search and rescue dogs; <br />4. Definitions In this Bylaw <br />4.1 "Animal Control Officer" means the Community Peace Officers, RCMP, and other people as <br />appointed by County Council to carry out the provisions of the Bylaw; <br />4.2 "Animal" means any live animal, including but not limited to exotic and domestic animals, <br />exotic and domestic birds, and livestock; <br />