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COUNTY OF NEWELL <br />IN THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA <br />BYLAW NO. 1888-17 <br />BYLAW 1888-17 OF THE COUNTY OF NEWELL BEING A BYLAW INTRODUCED <br />FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING A SCHEDULE OF FEES. <br />WHEREAS the County of Newell deems it expedient to set and review, as necessary, <br />from time to time various fees of the County, and <br />WHEREAS in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26 RSA 2000 <br />and amendments thereto, the County may set fees for goods and services provided; <br />NOW THEREFORE the Council of the County of Newell, in the Province of Alberta, duly <br />assembled enacts and adopts the Schedule of Fees, attached to and forming Schedule <br />"A" of this Bylaw and; <br />THAT BYLAW 1870-16 is hereby rescinded and; <br />THAT this Bylaw shall come into force and effect upon third and final reading hereof. <br />May 11, 2017 MOVED BY COUNCILLOR K. CHRISTMAN that Bylaw 1888-17 receive FIRST <br />reading as amended. MOTION CARRIED <br />May 25, 2017 MOVED BY COUNCILLOR A.M. PHILIPSEN that Bylaw 1888-17 receive SECOND <br />reading. MOTION CARRIED <br />May 25, 2017 MOVED BY COUNCILLOR C. AMULUNG that Bylaw 1888-17 receive THIRD and <br />FINAL reading. MOTION CARRIED <br />Reeve — Molly Douglass ChifyAinistrativ—e Officer— Kevin Stephenson <br />