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<br />NOTICE OF APPLICATION/DECISION - LAND USE BYLAW AMENDMENT <br />The following Land Use Bylaw Amendments have been submitted for review by Council: <br />Published DatePublic Hearing DateBylaw Number                   DescriptionLegal Land DescriptionElectoral Division                 DistrictDecisionAppeal Period Ending <br />August 14, 2017September 7, 20171892-17To incorporate and consolidate the major revisions n/aPENDING <br />and previous amendments to the present land use <br />bylaw, 1755-12 including Bylaws 1833-15, 1844-15, <br />1875-16, and 1886-17; to amend the existing Land <br />Use District Maps found in Schedule 1 to reflect <br />several land use redesignations which have been <br />made; and to incorporate a new format for <br />mapping in Schedule 1. <br />June 9, 2017June 8, 20171886-17APPROVEDn/a <br />Amend Administration Section 25 "Development Not n/a <br />Requiring a Permit" for specific signage; Amend Schedule <br />2 "Land Use District Regulations" by adding the sign <br />categories as either permitted, discretionary, or <br />prohibited uses in the appropriate district; Amend <br />Schedule 4 "Use Specific Standards fo Development" <br />Section 29 by adding clarification to the development of <br />signage. <br />Update, clarify, and add standards of development n/aAPPROVED <br />1875-16 <br />to Schedule 3 Standards of Development and <br />Schedule 4 Use Specific Standards of Development <br />in accordance with the SSRP and MGA <br />Fringe - FR to Rural Business - RBPortion of SE 31-20-14-W4APPROVED <br />1873-16 <br />Hamlet Residential - HR to Hamlet Business - HBLots 8 & 9, Block 7, Plan 4945FWAPPROVED <br />1868-16 <br />Agricultural - A to Rural Industrial - RIPortion of SW 28-18-15-W4APPROVED <br />1864-16 <br />Agricultural - A to Small Holdings - SHPortion of SE 17-17-16-W4APPROVED <br />1853-16 <br />Agricultural - A to Small Holdings - SHPortion of NW 32-20-17-W4APPROVED <br />1850-15 <br />Correction to Bylaw 1842-15 (15 LUA 004)APPROVED <br />1847-15 <br />Amendments to the Administration Section; add n/aAPPROVED <br />1844-15 <br />Appendix B "Technical Studies;" replace Schedule 6 <br />"Telecommunication Siting Protocol" <br />Hamlet Transitional Agriculture - HTA to Hamlet Lot 1, Block 16, Plan 941 2002 within NE APPROVED <br />1843-15 <br />Residential - HR24-17-13-W4 and NW 19-17-12-W4 <br />Portion of SE 13-16-14-W4APPROVED <br />1842-15Agricultural - A to Single Lot Agriculture - SLA <br />Add a "Small Holdings - SH" land use district; add n/aAPPROVED <br />1840-15 <br />the Hamlet of Tilley as a recognized hamlet; replace <br />the existing Schedule 2 "Land Use District <br />Regulations" <br />Replace Schedule 5 - Definitions with a new n/aAPPROVED <br />1833-15 <br />Schedule 5; and amend the Administrative Section <br />to include a Section 51 consisting of administrative <br />definitions <br />Rural Business - RB to Agricultural - APortion of Parcel A, Plan 1449FG within APPROVED <br />1831-15 <br />NW 18-21-15-W4 <br />Portion of SE 16-19-14-W4APPROVED <br />1825-15Agricultural - A to Rural Business - RB <br />Rural Industrial - RI to Direct Control - DC; Amend Lot 9, Block 1, Plan 8310515 within NE 8-APPROVED <br />1819-15 <br />the Direct Control district by adding Section 15 19-14-W4 <br />regarding Lot 9, Block 1, Plan 8310515 <br />Portion of NW 32-18-15-W4APPROVED <br />1806-14Agricultural - A to Single Lot Agriculture - SLA <br />Portion of SE 4-20-14-W4APPROVED <br />1805-14Agricultural - A to Single Lot Agriculture - SLA <br /> <br />