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<br />NOTICE OF APPLICATION/DECISION - DISCRETIONARY USE APPLICATIONS <br />The following permitted use applications have been submitted and approved by the County of Newell Development Authority: <br />Published DateMPC Meeting DatePermit Number                   DescriptionLegal Land DescriptionElectoral Division                 DistrictDecisionAppeal Period Ending <br />November 9, 2017DP2017067Art & Craft Instruction (Hot Mess NW 17-20-13 W4M3AgriculturalAPPROVEDNovember 28, 2014 <br />Creatives) <br />November 9, 2017DP2017068Approval of an existing 2nd DwellingBlock 1, Plan 8811330, NW 6-17-12 W4M2AgriculturalAPPROVEDNovember 28, 2017 <br />November 23, 2017DP2017073Installation of a RTM dwelling with deck; Lot 11, Block 4, Plan 9611766, SW 10-19-10Acreage ResidentialPENDING <br />variance to side yard setback14 W4M <br />December 7, 2017DP2017077Installation of a 2nd DwellingNE 26-17-14 W4M2AgriculturalPENDING <br />December 21, 2017DP2017080Home Occupation 2 - Zastry MasonryLot 1, Block 1, Plan 9110716, SW 6-19-14 10FringePENDING <br />W4M <br />