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<br />NOTICE OF APPROVAL - PERMITTED USE APPLICATIONS <br />The following permitted use applications have been submitted and approved by the County of Newell Development Authority: <br />Approval DateAppeal Period EndingPermit Number                   DescriptionLegal Land DescriptionElectoral Division                 District <br />October 12, 2017October 31, 20172017069Approval of an as-built single family Block 1, Plan 8811330, NW 2Agriculture <br />dwelling, attached garage, construction 6-17-12 <br />of a deck <br />October 10, 2017October 30, 20172017070Installation of a manufactured home 2 Lot 1, Block 4, Plan 081268210Direct Control <br />with deck <br />October 10, 2017October 30, 20172017072Installation of a manufactured home 2 Plan 0011930, SW 1-19-155Direct Control <br />with deck <br />September 25, 2017October 13, 20172016064Operation of a contractors yard, SW 9-19-1410Rural Industrial <br />construction of an addition <br />September 22, 2017October 11, 20172017064Construction of a single family dwelling, SE 26-16-164Agriculture <br />attached garage and deck <br /> <br />