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<br /> <br /> <br /> COUNTY OF NEWELL - POLICY HANDBOOK <br /> <br /> POLICY NO: 2016-PPW-022 <br /> <br />TITLE: ROAD ALLOWANCE CLOSURE PROCESS <br />ADOPTED: September 22, 2016 (C-305/16) SUPERCEDES NO: 2015-PPW-022 <br />TO BE <br />REVIEWED: PAGE NO: 1 of 6 <br /> <br /> <br />POLICY PURPOSE: <br /> <br />Under the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the title to all roads in a municipality is vested <br />in the Crown in the right of Alberta. In turn, the County has the jurisdiction to direct, <br />control, and manage all roads in the municipality. This means that the use of any County <br />road and/or road allowance, for any purpose, is under the jurisdiction of the County, <br />whether a physical road has been built in the road allowance or not. <br /> <br />The use of any road allowance in the County of Newell is subject to the requirements of this <br />Policy and the MGA. <br /> <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines to process requests for the closure and <br />lease of road allowances. Legislative authority is in Sections 22 and 24 of the Municipal <br />Government Act. <br /> <br /> <br />GENERAL STATEMENTS: <br /> <br />1. This policy applies to applications for the closure of road plans and road allowances <br />not required for public use and not adversely affecting adjacent landowners or <br />general public access. <br /> <br />2. Processing and administration of an application will be in accordance with procedures <br />and provisions contained within this Policy and the MGA. <br /> <br />3. The disposal of a road plan or road allowance is subject to encumbrances and <br />restrictions under the Act or any other Provincial Statute or Regulation and to any <br />right granted by the County to any person for the use of the road allowance to be <br />closed. <br /> <br />4. Under special circumstances, Council may approve an application for road closure <br />and purchase. Requests for closure and purchase of a road allowance must include a <br />written statement of reasons for the request. <br /> <br /> <br />POLICY GUIDELINES: <br /> <br />1. The length of road allowance to be closed shall be as follows: <br />i. At minimum, the length of 1(one) quarter section of land, or ½ mile (0.8 <br />km), approximately 4 acres (1.6 ha) or; <br />ii. From property line to property line (e.g. for parcels within a subdivision or <br />Hamlet) <br /> <br />